October 2014

The moment

I admire the past. I adore the present. I worship the future. But they are nothing compared to the moment. Im am in love with the moment. The sublime moment. The timeless instant where possibility and impossibility meet.

The moment is an advent. A hint of (im)possibility arriving.

– CWF -

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Light & Shadow

The sorrow of light is to lack shadow. The sorrow of shadow is to lack light. Without light no shadow. Without shadow no light. Let’s light up the shadow. Let’s bring shadow into the light.

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Today Stine Bosse, chairman at the Royal Danish Theatre, and I hunted art’s (im)possibility for creating disturbances in our present societal reality.

After our meeting I was wondering:
We live in a time that worship spreadsheets. EVERYTHING has to be calculated and measured. Why? Because we are afraid of not knowing EVERYTHING? Maybe that is why art does not fit in our time’s streamlined spreadsheet-world : because art is about (N)EVERYTHING?

- Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm -

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Hello, I am Cecilie. I am writing this blog. Or maybe the blog is writing me?!

What is a blog? A mirror? What is a mirror? A reflection device? What will the reflection be? ME, MYSELF and I? ….. YOU? ….. US? ….. THE WORLD? ….. NOTHING? ….. EVERYTHING?


– Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm -

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