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Reflections about digital art

The idea of trying to grasp the essence of what digital art is to me seems to contradict the fluid, fast moving feeling of the digital. So I think it is more interesting to explore what the digital tells about us as humans than to try to grasp the digital in itself.

Historically artists have always commented on the era, culture and context they live in by expressing themselves through the media specific to their time. Today, we live in a digital era – a world hugely mediated by digital technology – and artists make works that respond to our time by using digital

To me digital is something different in itself – but when we talk about the digital in relation to art practice and art artefacts we easily loose ourselves in the “newness” of the technology – but often the pieces do not show us a new gaze on ourselves or our world. So in relation to art I think the paradox of the digital is that it adds something new i.e. digitally created or mediated art BUT at the same time the art is exactly the same as it has always been, just in a new media. So it is different and still the same.

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