I have been investigating the possibilities of working with obstructions as a driver in my practice. As part of this I have been investigating the theme of failure.

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Experiment nature and water

Experiment nature and water n0. 15:

Experiment nature and water n0. 14:

Experiment nature and water n0. 13:

Experiment nature and water n0. 12:

Experiment nature and water n0. 11:


Experiment nature and water n0. 10:

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experimenting with waves of aura digitally: no. 11-17

Benjamin suggest in his study that artwork in the age of technique lack aura. However, after some experiments with acrylic and video projection (as outlined in an earlier blog post) I was able to break the video projection into colourful waves of light, which made me think of aura. After making quite a few experiments with this “technique” I got curious about studying the non-mediated connection between video and waves. Thus, I have made a range of different studies of the waves that come in to being within my own video artwork. By investigating the link between color, time speed, contrast etc. and the form of the waves I have explored the aesthetic of the waves (screen shots as examples). I found it fascinating how the waves ads an extra dimension to the video works and I am curious about taking this a step further creating art pieces where the waves are an integrated part.

5 42 13


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Experiment with Video and mirror: nr. 06

For the last couple of days I have been experimenting with video and mirrors for my exhibition “Det eviges genkomst” at Kulturmødet in Denmark in the end of August 2015. I am interested in how the video projection’s reflection in the mirror is a representation but also ads its own layer of reality. I am searching for a way to make the visitor synthesise the duality between projection and reflection.

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