Jagten på Det Umuliges Mulighed

(u)mulighed – a film dialogue by Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm

I have talked to leading cultural thinkers and practitioners in Denmark about the potentials of art in relation to the impossible’s possibility. I have collected the dialogues in a short film sequence “(u)mulighed”, which was shown at the cultural conference SACRE in November for 250 people. In the film I have a dialogue with writer Peter Høeg, artist Tal R, instructor and director of opera Kasper Holten, business executive Stine Bosse, professor Steen Hildebrandt, Minister of Culture Marianne Jelved, professor Preben Melander, former principal of the Danish film school Poul Nesgaard, businessman Alfred Josefsen, chairman of the board Jørgen Huno, actress Marie Tourell and musician Peter Bastian.


– Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm –



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SACRE conference Copenhagen 24.11.2014


Today I had the pleasure of speaking about “The possibility of the Impossible” (Det Umuliges Mulighed”) at the art- and culture initiative SACRE’s conference in Copenhagen.

The speakers at the SACRE conference 24.11.2014:
Peter Høeg, author
Kasper Holten, director of Opera at The Royal Opera House London
Tal R, artist
Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen, principal
Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm, artist and researcher
Chris Minh Doky, musician
Alfred Josefsen, businessman

Photos by Bo Merris-Vejlund

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Today Stine Bosse, chairman at the Royal Danish Theatre, and I hunted art’s (im)possibility for creating disturbances in our present societal reality.

After our meeting I was wondering:
We live in a time that worship spreadsheets. EVERYTHING has to be calculated and measured. Why? Because we are afraid of not knowing EVERYTHING? Maybe that is why art does not fit in our time’s streamlined spreadsheet-world : because art is about (N)EVERYTHING?

- Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm -

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