Covid-19 AI Battle

AI Battle Trump vs. Tedros

By MindFuture Foundation
Artist: Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm

Covid-19 AI Battle is an artificial intelligence battle between Donald Trump and the WHO, where two politically biased AIs challenge each other and the audience about the “right” interpretation of “reality”.

Accessible through the internet, the artwork Covid-19 AI Battle consists of two artificially intelligent algorithms, which discuss Covid-19 in real-time.

Having been trained on data acquired from Donald Trump and Tedros Adhanom, of the World Health Organisation, these opposing neural networks are developed with their own unique understanding of the global pandemic, with machine-generated worldviews established from each their respective sets of data.

The artwork itself is a digital battleground, where audiences can experience the Trump algorithm duke it out against the WHO algorithm in ascribing meaning and understanding to all matters Covid-19 related. Here, audiences can engage with the AIs as they too are able to participate in the online discursive battle.

Covid-19 AI Battle establishes a dynamic that closely reflects that of modern political discourse. A unique form of communication, where both dialogue agents are each less concerned with actually engaging in a meaningful conversation as they are with communicating their own position, based on their pre-established political point of view.

In this way, the work is an investigation into the tenuous lines between truth and disinformation, facts and subjectivity, and real and artificial; as it asks:

What does it mean for multiple artificial intelligence agents to debate Covid-19?  What will the machine learning algorithms find worthy, or unworthy, of their attention? And is it possible for them to reach some sort of consensus, or will we merely bear witness to a political circus?

Tech: Machine Learning. NLP. Bespoke software based upon transfer learning of Open AI GPT-2. Dataset: Speeches by Donald Trump (of USA) and Tedros Adhanom (of World Health Organisation)