The Tree Louisiana

The multidimensional exhibition piece The Three at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art turns the world upside down. Through mirrors, sculpture, light and sound the sensory experience takes you on an adventure into the yellow forest. An exploration of your inner unknown landscape.

The point of departure for the exhibition piece is a child’s imagination while climbing in a tree. Construction, form and function are removed keeping the experience at the core.

Dorte Mandrup Architects asked Patrick and I, artistic duo The Reframing Initiative, to co-develop a creative solution for the exhibition of the architect’s school pavilion for the exhibition Living at Louisiana. The pavilion is inspired by a tree. Our vision was to reframe the traditional approach to exhibiting architecture by creating an experience piece encapturing the essence of the building’s soul.

The Three was exhibited at the exhibition Living at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 01.06.2011- 23.10.2011.

/ Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
/ 2011
/ Construction and mirrors
/ Large scale art installation

/ Creative idea: Dorte Mandrup Architects
/ Immersive experience idea: Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm and Patrick Coard, The Reframing Initiative
/ Design and production of piece: Dorte Mandrup Architects
/ Thanks to: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art



Louisianas kæmpe udstilling LIVING om arkitekturens grænser til sociologi og antropologi er fremragende. Gennem et væld af medier vises, hvordan vores måder at bebo verden på antager nye former.

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AA_The reframing Initiative_IMG_4648_lowFirst photo above: Adam Mørk. Second photo above: The Reframing Initiative