Centaur, Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen, Autumn 2021

Centaur, Théâtre National de Chaillot, Paris, Jan-Feb 2021

SH4D0W, Click AI Festival, Denmark, 29. Jan 2020 – 6. Feb 2021

Centaur, Wolfsburg, Germany, Sep 2020

Centaur, Festival Oriente-Occidente, Italy, Sep 2020

SH4D0W, Ars Electronica, Click Garden, Austria, 9. Sep – 13. Sep 2020

SH4D0W, Click Festival, Denmark, 22. may – 24. May 2020

Centaur, Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen, 2. April – 10. May 2020

HC2 – Please Confirm That I’m Not HumanClick Festival, 17. May – 19. May 2019

No Planet B, Husets Teater, Autumn 2015


A Centaur Journey – Film about Cecilie’s art practice, Ars Electronica, EU AI Lab, Austria, 9. Sep – 13. Sep 2020

Covid-19 AI Battle, Ars Electronica, Click Garden, Austria, 9. Sep – 13. Sep 2020

Covid-19 AI Battle, Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark, 5. Aug 2020

MARY, EXPERIMENTA 2020 – The Biennale Arts Sciences, l’Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences, Grenoble, France, 11. Feb – 15 Feb 2020, Group Exhibition

ARTificial Embodiment, Digital Design Weekend, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 21. Sep – 22. sep 2019, Group Exhibition

AI Unicorn Prediction Algorithm, Dome of Art and Immersion, Tech BBQ, 18 Sep – 19 sep. 2019, Group Exhibition

FRANK, Event Two, Flux Events, Computer Art Society, The Lumen Prize, Royal College of Arts, London, 12. July – 18 July, Group Exhibition

MARY, Gallery Kapelica, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 20. June 2019 –  Sep 2019, Group Exhibition

MARY, Click Festival, 17. May – 19. May 2019

FRANK – Extraction Algorithm, Biennale Internationale Design Saint Etienné, 21. March – 22. April 2019, Group exhibition

MARY, Artificially Intelligent, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 7. Sep – 31. Dec 2018, Group exhibition

FRANK – Deus ex Machina, Digital Design Weekend, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 22. Sep – 24. Sep 2018, Group exhibition

FRANK, Wellcome Trust, London, 21 Sep 2018

ARTificial Intelligence FRANK, Epicenter, Stockholm, Aug 2018 – 2020

Digital Soul – Artificial Life-wave Algorithm, Danish Cultural Institute, Beijing, 27. April 20 – 6. May 2018, Solo Exhibition

FRANK – Artificial Selection Algorithm, DIAS Kunsthal, Denmark, 10. April – 10. June 2018, Solo Exhibition

Let me be FRANK with you, QUAD, United Kingdom, 17. Feb – 24. June 2018, Solo Exhibition

ARTificial Intelligence FRANK, The Lumen Prize Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China, 24. Nov 2017 – 4. Jan 2018, Group exhibition

ARTificial Intelligence FRANK, The Lumen Prize Exhibition, Brighton Digital Festival, United Kingdom, 29. Sep – 13. Oct 2017, Group exhibition

Frank – Daybreak, Royal College of Art, Asylum, London, 29. June – 2. July 2017, Group exhibition

To Be Frank, Heartland Festival, Egeskov Castle, 2. June – 4. June 2017, Group Exhibition

A Frank Moment, CLICK Festival, Elsinore, 19. May – 21. May 2017, Group exhibition

Kultur (K)Rig, Kulturmødet, Denmark, Aug 2016, Solo Exhibition

Human Observer, Peckham Rye, July 2016, Group exhibition

Det Eviges Genkomst, Kulturmødet, Denmark, Aug 2015, Solo exhibition

Recurring Eternity, University of the Arts London, Camberwell, London, July 2015, Group exhibition

Utopia, SACRE, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, Nov 2014

The Possibility Of The Impossible, SACRE, The Danish Royal Theatre, Copenhagen, Feb 2014

Konstellation, The Reframing Initiative, Reach Out, CKO, National Gallery of Denmark, 2012

The Tree, in collaboration with Dorte Mandrup architects, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark 2011, Group exhibition.

Infinitum, The Reframing Initiative, Danish Parliament, Christiansborg Castle, Copenhagen, 2011

Intersection, The Reframing Initiative, Kronborg Castle, Elsinore, Denmark, 2011

Urban Forest, The Reframing Initiative, Kgs. Nytorv Metro station, Copenhagen, 2010, Solo exhibition

Dream, The Reframing Initiative, Krinsen, Copenhagen, 2010

The Green Carpet, The Reframing Initiative, Højbro Plads, Copenhagen, 2009


Artist Talk about SH4D0W with Mikael Fock, Ars Electronica, 12. September 2020

Artist talk about Centaur with Pontus Lidberg, Tivoli, Copenhagen, 24. August 2020

Artist Talk about the future role of art and human creator with Kasper Colling Nielsen, Future Live, Royal Danish Theatre & Scenario Magazine, The Royal Danish Theatre, Denmark, 26. March 2020

Artist Talk about “AI & Artistic Creation” with Anna Ridler and Birk Schmithüsen, moderated by Andreas Broeckmann, Experimenta 2020, France, 13. February 2020

Frank, Ministry of Defence UK conference, London, 7. November

Keynote and artist talk about “AI and Art” with Alexander Mordvintsev and Jake Elwes, Event Two & The Lumen Prize, Royal College of Art, London, 17. July 2019

Keynote and Artist Talk with Maja Smrekar, Gallery Kapelica, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 20. June 2019

FRANK, British Computer Society, The Crystal, London, 6. June 2019

Keynote with AI FRANK at the opening of Click Festival 2019, Click Festival, Denmark, 17. May 2019

Debate about “AI and ethics” with Danish Tech Ambassador in Silicon Valley Casper Klynge, Maison Du Danemark, Paris, 16. May 2019

Keynote with AI FRANK, IT Branchen, Børsen, Copenhagen 28. marts 2019

Keynote about AI and Art, Teknologirådet, EU’s Human Brain Project, 21. Marts 2019.

Keynote about AI and Ethics, Digitaliseringsstyrelsen/Danish Ministry of Finance, Copenhagen, 12. December 2018

AI Frank, Wellcome Trust, London, 21. November 2018

Keynote with AI MARY, Microsoft Tech Summit, Copenhagen, 13. November 2018

Book launch “Artificially Intelligent”, Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), London, 21. September 2018

Artist Talk about Artistic Practice with Kristina Holgersen and Jens Blendstrup, Moderator: Evanthore Vestergaard. Statens Kunstfond, Denmark, 30. August 2018

Debates about art and culture, Kulturmødet Mors 2018, Denmark, 23.-24. August 2018

Keynote about AI and Art, EVA, London, 11. July 2018

Member of the Board of Directors, Hotel Proforma, 2018-

Keynote with AI FRANK, Sime, Stockholm, 15. November 2017

Keynote with AI FRANK, IBM Watson Summit, Copenhagen, 7. November 2017

Keynote about AI and Art, Technique, IBM Southbank, London, 19. October 2017

Keynote about AI and Art with AI FRANK, The Lumen Prize Award Show, London, 20. September 2017

Debates about art and culture, Kulturmødet Mors 2017, Denmark, 24.-26. August 2017

Frank at Asylum live, Royal College of Art, London, 29. June 2017

Keynote with AI FRANK, CphBusiness, Forum, Copenhagen, 6. Oct 2016


Winner of The Lumen Prize 2017
BCS Artificial Intelligence Award for Digital Art

Winner of the British TECHNE Award 2017

British Art and Humanities Research Council

Arts Council England

AI Lab – European ARTificial Intelligence Lab

Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

Wellcome Trust

Statens Kunstfond

Augustinus Fonden


Knud Højgaard Fond

Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansen Fonden

Jorck’s Fond

Selected as “Berlingske Talent 100”, 2019